How to Make Lemongrass Oil

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Lemongrass oil is a great way of treating inflammation, repairing connective tissue and in treating certain fungal infections. It can be used as a lymphatic system detox treatment as well, but its primary use however is that of skin treatments and as a great bug repellent.

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How to Make Lemongrass Oil

Here’s how to make lemongrass oil in the comfort of your home? You’ll need:

  • 4-6 lemongrass stalks
  • Fine cloth (cheesecloth should do, but you can also use a sifter)
  • Mortar and pestle, or anything you can use to crush the lemongrass stalks
  • A jar filled with oil (use olive oil, rice bran oil, grape seed oil – just about any kind of oil suited for your skin and which doesn’t have a fragrance of its own)
  • A second empty jar
  • A dark container, preferably made of glass.

You’ll start by taking a couple of lemongrass stalks and removing their leaves, as you only need the stalks themselves. Crush them using your mortar and pestle or any other kind of heavy object (like a rolling pin) in order to release their essential oils. Put them inside the jar filled with oil immediately after and let them stay there for about 2 days. It’s best if you leave the jar in a place where it gets a lot of sunshine and heat during the day.

After the two days have passed, empty the jar filled with oil into the other jar, but use a cheesecloth or a sifter to sieve the liquid. Squeeze and press until the lemongrass stalks are left dry.

In most cases, you’ll need to repeat the process with the next couple of lemongrass stalks in order to achieve the desired lemongrass fragrance. Just keep using new stalks every two days to increase the oil’s potency until you’re satisfied with the product.

Once you’re done, move the liquid into a dark container (preferably glass) and leave it in a cool, dry and dark spot. The oil should be good for 12 months or so. And voila – you just learned how to make lemongrass oil!

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